Emerging from slumber

Hey all! Apologies for the looong hiatus, but we’re back, hopefully to stay! Keep the requests coming in and just enjoy the awesome avatar moments!

Dude your blog is amazing and I love that there isn't a load of Korra here because tbh it's okay but it's not great, I just miss the Gaang a frickin' lot and I feel like they're almost being forgotten... —by prince-koyaku

Wow I’ve been inactive for so long, it was SO nice logging in to this! Thanks so much! Korra season 2 was great, but for me it just doesn’t compare to atla

Am I the only one who wants Zuko to go back to being single, and dark, and stuff, I want him all to myself. Mai is an amazing character, but I have an unhealthy crush/obsession with Zuko, and I want him to be mine. Is that to much to ask??? —by Anonymous

LOOL absolutely not I think! I think we’re all possessive of our favourite characters, and would sometimes rather they stay single (though we still can’t have them :I)

i just went through your entire blog oh my god i will never get over avatar it is my life thank you for making these and i really like your sidebar picture could you tell me where i could find the whole picture? i really hope that legend of korra 2 is coming out soon —by bubbletea-lover

Thank you so much! :) I really enjoy running this blog, because
1) avatar is awesome
2) you guys are awesome
As for the sidebar picture, I found it on the site piandao. They have screw caps. I’ll post it up since you all like it so much :)

Awakening from the slumber

Hi all :) I know this blog has been inactive for a while now (please forgive me!) However, I plan on keeping the awesome going. That being said, flood my inbox with your requests, and I shall make up for my unofficial hiatus!